Monthly Archives: April 2017

Two Most Featured Google Maps User Controls for ASP.NET

Google Maps is one of the most popular service provided by Google. It offers some services. We want to mention about the application program interface (API) which¬†makes it possible for Web site administrators to embed Google Maps into a webpage. There are lots of plugins for WordPress and PHP but ASP.NET. If you have a […]


3 Best Free Google Map Custom Styling Wizards You Should Have A Look

Hi, You know that each site has different design and style, the aim of this post is to share with you the websites providing Google Map Styling Wizards to create unique map styles to fit with your respective design. Using a styled map, you can customize the presentation of the Google base maps, changing the […]


Draw Polylines for PHP Websites

Draw polylines to show the routes on the custom google map for your PHP website. It’s very easy to add unlimited polylines to the PHP website with just a few clicks. Draw polylines demo video As you see above, creating polylines with DML Google Map Plugin for PHP websites is so easy. You’ll find some […]

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