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How to Add Google Maps in PHP website

I know how difficult adding a Google Maps in  PHP website. Ok, there are lots of sources and documentations about that. But, you need enough knowledge of PHP, javascript, Google Maps API etc. to be able to use it. Additionally, you have to be almost an expert on Google Map API if you want to add some extra features such as custom marker or geolocation.

But as you know in business life, the time is very important. Nobody wants to waste even a second because everybody has a family to feed and bills to pay.

I thought about that and decided to develop Google Map PHP script for website owners. As a result, DML Google Map script for PHP came to the scene. It has a lot of features. You can check detailed features by visiting plugin page.

You will see live demo embeded below. Zoom-out zoom-in to test marker cluster feature and click on the markers to see advanced info windows.

By the way, it’s completely FREE.

Available Versions for Google Maps


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