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Add YouTube Video to Marker InfoWindow on Google Maps

It’s possible to add a YouTube video to the info window of the marker, polyline, polygon and circle. You need to enter just THE CODE OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEO as shown below.  


Set Google Map Settings According to Your Needs.

Map settings panel lets you customize map height, zoom level, map style and layers.


Create Custom Markers in Different Color.

It’s possible to combine icons, icon containers with colors. After selecting marker click on it. Then, select “icon” button, select icon container, container color and icon from the “Icon Update Panel” then click on the “Change Icon” button.


Embed Google Maps on Posts and Pages with Shortcode

Embed Google Maps on posts and pages with shortcode. So, add map on any post or page as shown below. What is Shortcode? The Shortcode API is a simple set of functions for creating WordPress shortcodes for use in posts and pages. For instance, the following shortcode (in the body of a post or page) […]


Elegantly Responsive Google Maps Across All Devices

Responsive design is critical to your website. Google Maps are elegantly fully responsive and look great across all devices. So, setup map settings according to screen size. Change the size of the screen to see how it works. Available Versions Responsive Google Map


Two Most Featured Google Maps User Controls for ASP.NET

Google Maps is one of the most popular service provided by Google. It offers some services. We want to mention about the application program interface (API) which makes it possible for Web site administrators to embed Google Maps into a webpage. There are lots of plugins for WordPress and PHP but ASP.NET. If you have a […]


Draw Polylines for PHP Websites

Draw polylines to show the routes on the custom google map for your PHP website. It’s very easy to add unlimited polylines to the PHP website with just a few clicks. Draw polylines demo video As you see above, creating polylines with DML Google Map Plugin for PHP websites is so easy. You’ll find some […]


Best Google Map Plugin for PHP websites

This Google Maps Plugin is best option for PHP websites. It has been developed using valuable feedback from the customers. It helps you to create google maps for web pages by yourself within just seconds. Its powerful functionality allows you to edit a text, pin new locations, add polylines / polygons or circles, customize settings and […]


DML Google Map Plugin Simple Marker

A marker identifies a location on a map. By default, a marker uses a standard image. Markers can display custom images, in which case they are usually referred to as “icons.” Markers and icons are objects of type Marker. Markers are designed to be interactive. For example, by default they receive ‘click’ events, so you can […]


Easy way of marker cluster on your website

Do you want to add lots of markers on the Google Map located on your website? And also, do you want to combine markers of close proximity into clusters, and simplify the display of markers on the map? There is an easy solution for that. DML Easy Google Map Plugin for PHP is the right tool for […]

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