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Easy way of marker cluster on your website

Google Map plugin for PHP

Do you want to add lots of markers on the Google Map located on your website? And also, do you want to combine markers of close proximity into clusters, and simplify the display of markers on the map?

There is an easy solution for that. DML Easy Google Map Plugin for PHP is the right tool for that. It’s easy to use and has an affordable price.

It’s also possible to test the demo version prior to buying it.

Apart from the marker cluster feature DML Easy Google Map Plugin for PHP has a lot of useful features as listed below.

  • Easy customization,
  • No coding required,
  • Compatible with PHP 5.4 and above,
  • Easy integration,
  • Customize database-driven (mySql) map for each page independently,
  • Ready to use 10 map styles including Roadmap, Sattelite and Terrain,
  • Adjustable map height,
  • Adjustable map zoom level,
  • Full responsive,
  • Supports pinning multiple markers,
  • Geolocation (Create new pin by entering address of the location),
  • Ready to use 100+ Google Map marker icons (easily click on the marker and change the marker icon),
  • Add custom title for each marker,
  • Add custom description for each marker,
  • Marker cluster feature when zoom out,
  • Supports multitype clusterer markers,
  • Supports adding multiple polylines,
  • Customize the line color of the polyline,
  • Supports drawing multiple polygons,
  • Customize the border color of the polygon,
  • Customize the fill color of the polygon,
  • Add custom title and description for each polygon,
  • Developed with latest technology (Jquery, AJAX, Bootstrap)
  • Including source-code (PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS etc.)
  • Easy to use and maintain!
  • Flexible integration into your articles,
  • More features coming soon…

Click here to visit the plugin page…

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