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Editable Polygon on Google Maps

An editable polygon on Google Map adds edit-points to the saved polygon. So, people can use the edit-points to reshape polygon directly on the map.

User-made changes to the object do not persist between sessions. As a result, you have to save polygon settings after completing the editing. Keep reading and you’ll see the demo video at the end of the post.

Draw Polygons for PHP Websites

If you want to learn more about drawing polygons on PHP without coding, visit this video. With our plugin for PHP, you can easily draw polygons. Moreover, it’s possible to draw polygons and circles on the same map.

Editable Polygon for PHP and WordPress

This feature is available for the DML Google Map Plugin for both PHP and WordPress PRO versions. We strongly recommend that you should install and test the FREE versions first. Then you can easily upgrade to PRO.

Editable Polygon for PHP

Editable Polygon for WordPress

Demo Video

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