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Google Map User Control for ASP.NET

Google Map User control for ASPİNET

DML Google Map Control is a user-control designed for .NET web projects. It lets you integrate easily a Google Map to the .NET web projects. The control lets you pin more than one location, add polygons and draw lines without writing even a line of code.

DML Google Map Control is customizable. Also, it is suitable for .NET developers and designers who prefer to work as visually as possible, without fighting with code. Version 3.0 lets you adding multiple markers, polygones and lines on the map with title and description popup. Also it lets you customize the icon of the marker and change the color of shapes.

DML Google Map Control has been developed using Visual Studio 2013 Community and based on .NET 4.5 Framework (compatible with 4.0 and 4.6), Bootstrap 3, Jquery, C#, JSON and AJAX. So, it’s recommended to be familiar with these technologies if there is any need for editing source-code.

It’s just needed to be imported to the .NET Web project. Then, it can be used by placing onto the web form as described in the next sections.

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